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Offers and Opportunities

The following are some of the currently available opportunities our clients enjoy. Please not that we cannot list all of the products we manage and your Private Banker will be able to update you with additional service offers. 

High Yield Deposit Accounts and Card Services

Requires Initial Deposit with Lock Time

With a deposit of $50,000 and higher and selecting one of the following interest options:


1 Year lock- 6%

2 Year lock- 7%

3 Year lock- 8%

4 Year lock- 9%

5 Year lock- 10%

We will issue you a Premium Credit Card (Visa/Amex/MC) with a pre-set spending amount. 

Contact your banker for more details. 

Long Term CD and Card Services

Requires a Long Term Lock Period

With a deposit of $100,000 and higher and selecting one of the following options:

In USD or EUR only

2 Year lock- 10%

4 Year lock- 12%

6 Year lock- 14%

We will issue a Platinum Card.

Unlimited Current Accounts

Requires Fee Payment 

An International account that receives and sends funds vis-a-vi our escrow/trust partners to add a layer of privacy. 

Upon opening up such account and fee payment, besides normal fees (similar to fees charged by any bank), you are free to utilize the money with no restrictions. 

You can add to that a Card which will work internationally. 

A one time fee of $500 is payable. 

*This fee is waived if any locked instruments with high interest is used or at a discretion of our banking staff. 

Our Cryptofund is Now Available
This Unique Opportunity is for a Limited Time Only Since it is a Close-Ended Fund. Contact US !!
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